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Trench-drain-grates-stainless-steel, stainless steel grating is perfect for environments where metal is prone to oxidation due to extreme heat and chemicals. because stainless steel withstands heavy industrial cleaners, it is a good material for food processing, restaurants and chemical manufacturing facilities.. A wonderful wide assortment of stainless steel grates by trench drain systems., the dura trench stainless steel trench drain products are truly limitless. our in house production team has the capabilities to fabricate virtually any stainless trench drain product. we manufacture many custom designed drainage systems for chemical, food and beverage, meat processors, munitions, and other industrial processes.., we produce high quality stainless steel drain grates, they are made in highest quality standards and perfect for commerical and industrial floor drain, contact us at [email protected] for more!. Stainless steel drain grates we offer a complete line of stainless steel drain grates and trench drain grates for the food, dairy, meat poultry and many other industries. we have been a trusted name in the food industry for over 40 years and we stand behind every product we make in our facility in winsted,read more