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Ultimate-solar-panel-helmet, the ultimate solar helmet is an armor item added by advanced solar panels and worn in the head slot. it is a combination of the ultimate hybrid solar panel and the quantum helmet; however, it does not provide protection against malicious effects (ex. poison) nor provide the headlamp function nor the food replenishing function nor the air replenishing function that the quantum helmet does, as .... Quantum (with gravichestplate & ultimate solar panel helmet) quantum; nano; diamond; steel; for the rest, i am not sure. exo can use other pieces of armor so it could be better than other armor, but it is buggy i believe. i never even bothered with fiery, ironwood, thaumium, steeleaf, and all of those. iron, steel, nano, quantum for me. still working on the gravichestplate, now. edit: this is ..., the hv-transformer is used to turn extreme voltage (ev) eu current into high voltage (hv) and back. this transformation is useful for carrying eu over extreme distances without significant losses. ev current must be wired into the input face (the 5-dotted one), while hv current can be wired into any other face..

*now using ultimate pack* be sure to give a like if you have enjoyed, it really helps (: today we look at some of the new features in the ultimate feed the beast modpack, including making a ..., i don't think it has anything that matches the ultimate solar panel helmet yet, but quantum armor is absurdly expensive for decent gains. mps is better balanced to allow you to have more gradual rank up in power, it seems. but i'd rather mps over quantum armor if it came down to it based upon what it looks like will be added in the future. and the mps looks a whole lot cooler. k. kirindave new ....

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